Our Mission

To build an New York City metro area wide network rooted in prayer and organic mission among believers, seeking to transform the 100+ college campuses and 1.3 million college students in the greater NYC regions.


Mobilizing Massive Prayer

We host and encourage campus-wide and citywide prayer and worship gatherings among students throughout the NYC metro area.  We train students to pray effectively and help them launch prayer groups at their colleges.


Uniting College Focused Spiritual Leaders

We are building a relational network rooted in prayer among college focused ministry/church staff and volunteer workers in the metro area.


Gathering Common Information

We gather information through citywide surveys of students and college ministry staff to provide helpful information to the entire body of Christ. This helps them recruit new staff, raise funds, and effectively focus on the areas of highest need in the city.  It is vital to know which campuses we are reaching and to what extent we are saturating the culture of these campuses.


Embedding Christian Students In Every Campus Arena 

As the spiritual and physical climates on these campuses are shifted by this prayer network, we are sending students to form simple churches within dorms, secular clubs, racial and enthnic groups and other segments of the student body on each campus.

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